WA TreeWorks

“I am writing to let you know we have appreciated working with Interlink as a provider of training for our employees.

We have a regular program of training for new and young employees as well as mature age employees seeking to formalise years of experience. Interlink’s approach has been very helpful in managing this variety of students, while delivering learning outcomes that consider industry benefits beyond the textbook. I believe this is a result of:
• Developing a good relationship with business owners to ensure they are intimately engaged in the learning process;
• Having a thorough approach to understanding individual ‘s on-the-job requirements and desired learning outcomes;
• Using a number of industry experts to assist in the delivery of training; and
• Having a training schedule that does not require employees to be away from duties every week.

We look forward to continuing our investment in training with the assistance of Interlink.”

-Nevin Wittber

WA TreeWorks 

General Manager